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If you are a company with a corporate social responsibility policy then your staff will have the option to undertake volunteering as part of their work development plan.

“Employee Volunteering” is the term we use for this type of activity. Requests normally fall into two categories.

  • Group Activity:
    These projects can range from decorating, gardening, make-overs and events which when completed would make a big difference to the organisations and those people who access their services.

  • “Skill Based”
    This is when a member of staff may want to volunteer as an individual to increase their own skills using existing skills e.g. a member of staff from HR may support a board with policy.

    Volunteer Centre Newcastle is currently running on a minimum staffing level and is facing an ever increasing interest in volunteering from individuals, including those facing barriers to volunteering who need extra support. At times we are unable to support company requests – this may be due to our work load and capacity. It can also be because the community has NO current need for group support.

    If we are able, we will use our newsletters and network to attempt to match your company with an organisation or group. Once the match has been made it will be up to your company to arrange the activity directly with the organisation or group – including any risk assessment needed.

    There are specialist Employee Volunteering brokers such as Volunteering Matters who for a cost will develop and support your company volunteering.

      • Skill-based activities

      • Team Volunteering Programmes
        Skills-based team volunteering is highly effective as it enables your employees to pass on their professional skills to the community. As a team, volunteers can for example host workshops for young people and adults facing multiple challenges to finding employment improving their confidence and transferable skills while also raising their aspirations or support community organisations with capacity-building. We will make best use of your employees’ skills to benefit local communities. Volunteering Matters offers individual volunteering programmes aimed at developing and challenging your employees in the community. It is suitable for all sizes of employers including SMEs.

        Individual Volunteering Programmes - Talent Matters
        Talent Matters is a skills-based volunteering programme that helps individual volunteers share their professional skills with charities and community organisations. After a careful matching process, we support community partners and volunteers as they work together through the step-by-step process.

        This requires both parties to commit to 20-30 hours over 3 to 4 months. This can work alongside volunteers’ personal and professional development plans as well as full-time employment. Talent Matters will give volunteers the opportunity to develop their skills, tailored to their role, while supporting a charity achieve sustainable improvements in a variety of areas, e.g. marketing,impact measurement, business planning, IT, overcome challenges they are faced with and thereby become more efficient and robust organisations.

        Volunteers will be challenged by applying their knowledge and expertise in a new environment with different resources and ambitions which will boost their confidence. This programme will be facilitated by Volunteering Matters and can be tailored to meet Learning and Development goals as well as CSR objectives.

        Individual Volunteering Programmes – Skills for Schools
        We offer programmes in primary and secondary schools based around supporting children and young people with their reading skills, maths as well as mentoring. Through one-to-one support, volunteers help students become confident and able readers and /or help improve academic confidence and grades raising aspirations.

        We also arrange business mentoring for senior school staff who would like a mentor from a commercial background to help them overcome organisational challenges. Volunteering Matters researches a suitable school and sets up the programme, provides training, processes DBS checks and offers on-going support for volunteers and the school throughout the year. We also carry out a full evaluation if desired.

        Please download their leaflet here

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