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Latest newsletter for volunteers

Every month VCNewcastle produces an e – newsletter.

This e-newsletter is a snapshot of roles available and is a taster to anyone interested in volunteering – whether it be at a one off event or in the on-going roles that want more commitment and skills

This e – newsletter is a word document sent in a monthly email YOU can subscribe and unsubscribe by contacting Karen

Sometimes our e newsletters have specific themes – Great North Run Roles, Trustee and Christmas Special.

If you don’t have an email address you can check it on our website and your newsletter can be found here.

Unfortunately due to financial restrictions VCNewcastle cannot produce a hardcopy of the e – newsletter but if you want a hard copy and supply the postage we will send it to you. PLEASE BE aware if you send an SAE the newsletter can be up to 20 pages long.

You could call in and view it at the Centre and record and contact details you need.

All newsletters are posted to the website.

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