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Satisfaction and case studies

Many thanks for coming along to our Annual Follow up on Tuesday and a big thank you for speaking at such short notice. You made a real impact.

Many people in the audience reported being inspired by you and it dispelled some of the myths they held about volunteering. Thanks again and I look forward to pointing a few people in your direction in the future

Many thanks for organising the team who spent the day decorating at SPACE2. They were just fantastic, I can't believe just how much they got done in the day, and to a really high standard. I know Maxine has already thanked you but I wanted to pass on my thanks as well.

As an organisation we spend almost all of our working time focused on service delivery, we just cant't find enough hours to keep on top of these kind of jobs even though they are really important; your help is just priceless. I did thank the team on the day but please pass on my thanks and best wishes to them all.

I felt it was beneficial for our Team to be part of this particular volunteering exercise. Hopefully our help was useful for those we were supporting as well as the Team to be working out of their normal work environment. Meeting and helping to support the carers and attendees there in the afternoon was a good experience, especially as we were made welcome.

We had 30 attendees at YOUR session, which is really positive and I've had a few people who wanted to attend but were unable to. I've passed on the same handout to them that others received on the day.

A couple of attendees specifically came and said they enjoyed the session and that it would encourage them to look into opportunities. I think we may find a couple of teams now looking at team opportunities, but only time will tell.

Id just like to thank you so much for the invaluable information you provided to us last week with regards to volunteering our services to a worthwhile cause last Friday.

We ended up spending the day with Newcastle Cricket Club, clearing their grounds in preparation for their community festival. My team had a fantastic day and worked like troupers to get everything ship shape and looking its best. Olwyn made us feel so welcome and we are hoping that we can build on our new found relationships to support them as much as we can.

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