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Satisfaction and case studies

Thank you for your information, I have volunteered for The Late Show, that was a good chance for me to learn the local culture. I loved it and thank you indeed.

The baton has arrived. Brought back memories of my good times as a student and an ambassador at Newcastle. Thank you oh so very much for your kind effort. Cherishing the Olympic baton.

Through your regular email I heard about the opportunity to volunteer as a steward for the 2012 Olympics here in Newcastle, this was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed not because I follow football but because I love meeting people and love the North East. Volunteering gave me a chance to welcome many visitors to our lovely city. Following the Olympics, in 2014 there was a further opportunity to support the Rugby World Cup 2015.

After an interview ‘ try out’ in October 2014 it was several months before we knew if we had been selected to help and happily I was given a place on the Spectator Services team in the  Pack Newcastle. The preparation for the role consisted of 3 online training modules and several face to face training sessions. The sense of excitement grew as the Rugby kick off grew near and incredibly people came from all over the country to volunteer at St James Park – I think I was the closest volunteer as I live across from the  stadium!! Our team covered 3 shifts each and there were around 350 Pack volunteers for the Newcastle games.

We were continuously told that it would have been impossible to run without the help of the volunteers and we were very well looked after during our 8 hour shifts with lunch packs drinks breaks etc. There was lots of encouragement from team leaders and the full time Rugby staff and we were all given the opportunity to see at least 1 match out of the 3 played in the stadium which was great. Our task was to welcome people to the City, to the grounds and to offer support in helping fans find their way around the city and to their seats. The atmosphere was electric and full of incredible excitement and again as a non rugby fan it was nevertheless a fantastic fun experience and I have found myself watching all of the games since the ones at St.James’ finished.

Newcastle is such a lovely place to welcome people to and our efforts were very much appreciated by people from all over the world as well as locally. Would I do it all again – in a heartbeat , the experience will remain with me forever and even as I write this I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude at having had the chance to get involved and  be a part of Rugby2015 here in the beautiful friendly North East.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, I met many nice people. The organization was fantastic, really a lot of people but everything organized to perfection. I'm glad to be helpful, to have been able to practice my skills at the service of the athletes. I hope to be contacted again for the upcoming sports events.

Hi Karen, since putting my details on the newsletter I have been carrying out work with three different organisations namely Follow Me, Daybreak & St Cuthbert Care. The work ranging from initial safety advice, safety audits, reviewing risk assessments, hazard and risk assessment training. All of which has been most rewarding for myself & provided me with the opportunity of meeting some very dedicated & devoted people, it was most heart-warming

I just wanted to thank you for the volunteer newsletter. Since moving to Newcastle in July 2012, I've found three fantastic opportunities from here which I'm now involved with.

I've attended training on working with young people at risk of homelessness through Depaul UK's Baseline project, I am a volunteer on Barnardo's Circles 2 project with women and children who have experienced domestic abuse, and I've most recently been selected for the Changemaker's youth development programme, which is a fantastic experience.

I found out about all of these through your newsletter, so I wanted to email to thank you for enabling me to find these opportunities and get involved here in Newcastle. Keep up the good work on the newsletter, it really does make a difference!

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