Cataloguing Volunteer (Contents Lists)

We are working to catalogue our library collections and make them more visible and accessible online. One way we can do this is by adding the titles and authors of papers within a book to its catalogue record. This means someone searching for that person or subject can easily find them. To do this, we photocopy the contents page of a book (once it has been catalogued) and write its unique barcode on the page. We then post these pages to our offsite volunteers.

The volunteer logs into our online catalogue using their laptop / PC with their personal login and searches for the barcode to find the book record. They click “edit” then add an entry for each paper within the book, giving a title followed by an author for each one. At the end, they click “save”.

At regular intervals (we suggest monthly) the volunteer sends an email with the details of the barcodes they have completed and a record of their time spent on the project. All of the work is carried out in an ordinary internet browser window (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox)– no specialist software required.

The windows tool “Character Map” is also used to add foreign language characters. This should be included free with your computer.


  • Accuracy - entering data into the correct field with no typos
  • Patience - doing a repetitive task
  • Familiarity with using a PC / laptop in general would be helpful but no specialist program knowledge required


  • Expenses reimbursed
    Bus / Metro / Rail refunds up to the cost of a Dayrider per half day shift. Happy to repay proportional amounts of weekly / monthly ticket if that’s how you buy your travel.
  • Ongoing support
  • Volunteer induction
    Full detailed printed instructions to explain the task.

When can I volunteer?

Start Date: 29/07/2022

End Date: 31/10/2023

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning No Yes Yes Yes No No No
Afternoon No Yes Yes Yes No No No
Evening No No No No No No No


The Common Room,
Neville Hall
Westgate Road,
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

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