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Volunteer Puppy Training involves looking after and caring for one of our puppies or young dogs on a full-time basis, in your own home. Depending on your location, preferences, and the puppy itself this could be from anywhere between 6-18 months at a time so requires a great deal of commitment.

Volunteer Puppy Training covers three main types of training scheme at Hearing Dogs.

These are as follows:

Puppy training – taking care of a puppy from the age of 8 weeks for approximately 12- 14 months, attending regular classes and introducing it to the wider world. When the puppy is ready it will begin its advanced sound work training either at one of our training centres or in another volunteer’s home. This role suits non-workers.

Training from home – looking after one of our adolescent dogs, usually for 6-8 months at a time and allowing a Hearing Dogs dog trainer either into your home to carry out training or to pick up the dog & take them for training elsewhere. This is ideal for those who would prefer an older puppy.

Volunteer dog training – incorporates both of the above roles. You would care for a puppy through its entire training from 8 weeks of age to placement with a deaf partner.

This is ideal for those who have an interest in dog training and are keen to get involved with the advanced training of our hearing dogs.

When you apply for Volunteer Puppy Training you can discuss the options and your preferences with our Volunteering Team, as well as the dog trainer who carries out your home visit to decide which scheme might suit you and us the best

  • To provide a safe and loving home to one of our puppies or adolescent dogs, and to offer consistent care on a daily basis. N.B. Puppies cannot be left alone for longer than an hour and older dogs cannot be left on a regular basis and for no longer than 2-3 hours.
  • To attend weekly puppy classes either in person locally or online using Microsoft Teams as and when required. You may also be expected to attend additional group training sessions at The Grange in Buckinghamshire or the Beatrice Wright Centre in York.
  • To develop and/or keep up basic obedience and good behaviour, as well as following specific ‘Hearing Dogs’ training instructions as advised by your dog trainer.
  • To exercise and feed the dog as instructed by the training and canine healthcare staff.
  • To bring the dog to one of our training centres as and when required for assessments, grooming and health checks. N.B. Alternatives are in place for those living a long way from our centres. 
  • To allow one of our dog trainers to visit regularly (while you are there) to see the puppy in its home environment and to carry out training if training from home.
  • Please note that puppies are gradually introduced to new environments dependent on where they are up to in their training. Whilst we encourage them to be taken out into a variety of environments, your trainer will advise you on an individual basis.

May we politely ask that you think carefully about your availability before applying to be a volunteer and thereby engaging charity time and money. We ask for a commitment of at least 1 year for all dog care roles so if you have any major foreseen life changes on the horizon (e.g. moving house, getting a pet dog, new job, pregnancy) then it'd be preferable get back in touch when your circumstances are more settled please. 


  • A stable and loving home, with a safe, secure garden that is directly accessible from your house.
  • Adequate time to dedicate to training a young dog on a daily basis. We cannot consider your application if you work full time, even if you work from home. Part time workers may occasionally be considered on an individual basis (e.g. if you work very few hours from home).
  • Volunteers who can drive and own a suitable vehicle (i.e. one that can transport a puppy or dog safely) in order to be able to attend puppy classes, for training purposes and in the case of emergencies.
  • Volunteers who have access to email and video calling facilities for online training.
  • Generally other pets in the household are fine. Pet dogs (no more than 2) will need to be behaviourally assessed for suitability. Pet dogs are not able to attend our weekly puppy classes, group walks, nor any other training sessions so would need to be left at home during these times.
  • A non-smoking household is needed, however outside-only smoking is fine. Vape smoking is also strongly recommended to be outside your property only.
  • Volunteers must be over 18 years old.


  • Age restrictions
    Over 18's
  • DBS check required
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Expenses reimbursed
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Ongoing support
  • Training provided
  • Volunteer induction
  • Volunteer Policy
  • Volunteers covered by insurance
  • Written role description

When can I volunteer?

Start Date: 06/03/2024

End Date: 17/12/2025

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Afternoon Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Evening Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


This opportunity can be carried out whilst working from home.

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