We lead on an innovative programme called Volunteer Passport Scheme Newcastle.

We are partnering with multiple organisations in Newcastle as part of the Volunteer Passport Scheme. This innovative approach means that each partner has agreed to a set of values, aims and standards in the recruitment, good practice and deployment of volunteers, creating portability within the volunteering workforce for the first time.

We have created a network of volunteers who are fully recruited, trained, supported and ready to respond quickly and appropriately to the needs of the local community.

As part of our partnership agreement the single recruitment and training route saves time and resources for Passport Scheme partners and supports capacity building within the smaller organisations.

Benefits to organisations include:

  • Easy access to a network of recruited, vetted and trained volunteers whom they can call upon, even at short notice;
  • Access to a wider and more diverse network of volunteers;
  • Savings in time and resources, enabling a focus on supporting people accessing services, and ongoing support from lead partner Volunteering Matters;
  • Organisations are enabled to offer a more diverse range of volunteer roles, including one-off opportunities;
  • Organisations benefit from unprecedented interest in volunteering creating a long-lasting legacy from COVID-19;

If you are an organisation or group looking to sign up as a Passport Scheme partner, or if you are simply looking for more information, please get in touch! or 07590417231

Benefits to volunteers:

  • One recruitment process, including references, DBS and training;
  • Access to lots of different volunteer roles with a range of organisations across the city, everything from ‘one off’ tasks, like helping at a planned event, to longer term volunteering;
  • Gaining skills and experience;
  • Meeting new people;
  • Enhancing your CV, increasing your employability;
  • Making a difference to local communities;
  • A reference following any three-month period of volunteering;
  • A physical passport evidencing your volunteer journey.

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