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If you are a company with a corporate social responsibility policy then your staff will have the option to undertake volunteering as part of their work development plan.

"Employee Volunteering" is the term we use for this type of activity. Requests normally fall into two categories.

Group Activity:
These projects can range from decorating, gardening, make-overs and events which when completed would make a big difference to the organisations and those people who access their services.

"Skill Based" volunteering
This is when a member of staff may want to volunteer as an individual to increase their own skills using existing skills e.g. a member of staff from HR may support a board with policy.

Volunteer Centre Newcastle tries where possible to connect corporate to community but at times due to corporate demand the community may not have an activity to undertake.

If we are able, we will use our newsletters and network to attempt to match your company with an organisation or group. Once the match has been made it will be up to your company to arrange the activity directly with the organisation or group;including any risk assessment needed.

There are specialist Employee Volunteering brokers such as Volunteering Matters.

if your team want a group activity then I will ask you:

  • How many in your team?

  • What date do you want to complete the activity on?

  • Do you have staff that have access issues to consider?

We cannot guarantee what is available at any given time.

If you are a member of staff interested in finding out about skill based volunteering then I will ask you:

  • To write a short paragraph explaining what skill you want to share and the tasks you would be happy to complete

  • When you would be available. For skill sharing this can be using your allotted time in blocks rather than a whole day. It will be your choice

  • If you have a specific charitable cause you would like to support


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