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Newsletter for Organisations

Volunteer Centre Newcastle produces a fortnightly newsletter aimed at coordinators in our organisations and groups.

This newsletter includes information that will support good practice in information sharing, networking and skill development.

It contains information relevant to you, your organisation, your volunteers and members. Topics included are:

VCN updates all you need to know about our services, newsletter deadlines and prompts to respond to offers.

Training we are linked to several providers who offer training for staff volunteers and your members.

Funding and Contracts we collect information from other funding services relevant to the north East and Newcastle (these will be from NCVS,VODA ,sported, and other reliable sources).

Resources Good practice sheets, FREE downloadable information.

Events this will include events advertised local, regionally or national.

Other topics as needed and relevant may be added.

If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter then email your group name and your contact details which will be added to the VCN database which generates the mailing list.

If you have information you would like to submit it must be:
- In word format only
- 200 words max
- No flyers logos pictures or posters
- Add all contacts or relevant links

Send to

Here is a copy of our latest newsletters for volunteer involving organisations.

Emailing for 16/07/19

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