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I want to volunteer

Thousands of people volunteer in Newcastle and for a huge range of different charities, community groups and organisations.

By volunteering you can make a real difference not only to other people but also to yourself.

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons.

4 top tips before choosing a role.

1 - Why do you want to get involved?
There are many different reasons for volunteering, whether it is to meet new people, make new friends, increase your self-confidence, gain new skills, or to make yourself more employable. What you expect to gain from volunteering is important - matching your expectation helps an organisation make your volunteering a quality experience.

2 - Find what you want to get involved in.
All our roles are advertised on behalf of the community. We ask you to choose the category that interests you most. Applying for your role means completing an enquiry form. You will be asked questions about YOU that helps us respond to your enquiry.

Your details are held securely, kept in confidence, and NEVER shared with any third party without your consent.

3. Choosing a role
We know that having hundreds of choices can be overwhelming, and in choosing roles we ask that you apply only for your top 3 (max):

  • Think about the time you want to give

  • Who you want to support

  • Are they looking for the skills and experience you are offering?

4 - What to do if you need more help?
If you have something you want to discuss then we will listen and respond.
Our team are non-judgemental and if you want you can bring a friend, family member or support worker with you. It's simple!

Give us a call 07419988821 or send an email to to book an appointment.
Appointments are confidential.

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