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So why do you have to register?

The volunteer centre team need the information YOU provide to respond to your interest in volunteering. Without this information we are unable to provide you with a service. If you make an enquiry we will email you the contact details of your chosen role and YOU then contact the coordinator to discuss your interest in their role.

If you register but don't make an enquiry we will email you to find out how we can best support you identify a potential role

Completing the registration

We ask you to complete EVERY box before pressing submit It is OK to select "prefer not to answer", but you must select one of the options or you cannot complete your registration.

When you submit your registration you will receive this message: You have successfully registered to the database! You will then be able to apply for opportunities.

What do we do with your information?

YOUR privacy is treated with utmost respect and in line with our privacy policy.

  • Your details are never shared and are stored securely on our database

  • You can ask for your personal details to be removed at any time

  • You can see your profile at any time

  • We will only contact you in response to an application or registration

  • If you ask to be enrolled for the monthly volunteer newsletter then ONLY your email would be used and NO other marketing information will be sent to you.

What happens if I can't register?

Sometimes IT lets us down. If your page keeps refreshing then check the error message at the top of the registration page which will explain the problem

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Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY), e.g. 29 09 1969:





If you selected yes in the previous question please tell us about your disability:

Password (must be at least 8 characters):

Password confirmed:

Activity: please select as many as you want

Interests: please select as many as you want

If you have any issue with registering contact the Volunteer Centre for help at

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