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Meet the team

Karen Watson


Karen is the Volunteer Centre Officer who works with organisations and volunteers to support and encourage volunteering in Newcastle. Karen works full time Monday to Friday.

Like many of the organisations we work with, the Volunteer Centre benefits from the support of our dedicated team of voluneers. Our volunteers have different roles that help the Centre function.

Our current volunteers are: Ariane, Helen, Jawwad, John, Kris, Lorraine and Rendel.

Ariane - is our volunteer website programmer and content manager.

Helen - is responsible for maintaining and responding to volunteer enquiries via our bespoke database.

Jawwad - is our social media consultant and manager.

John - is our information and database volunteer, he is responsible for ensuring accurate records on organisations and opportunities are maintained.

Kris - is our photographer and has supplied images for our website and our venue.

Lorraine - is our information and database volunteer, following up with organisations on relevant roles to be advertised and making the necessary changes to the database.

Rendel - is our Virtual Volunteer responsible for formatting our bimonthly newsletter and proof reading our leaflets and reports.

We are grateful to all the support we have received from volunteers past and present

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