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Training and Support

Each year as part of our annual evaluation Volunteer Centre Newcastle carries out a simple training needs analysis (TNA) to establish what coordinators want to participate in in terms of training and skill development.

Training sessions are open to any group who are members of the volunteer centre or Connected Voice.
We will advertise training:

If you have a volunteer related training need contact us to discuss.


Not every organisation or group wants or is ready to recruit volunteers; we will work with organisations and groups to identify how you can get the most out of Volunteer Centre Newcastle.

You can access the following services:

  • Newsletters - you can sign up to receive good practice information or if you have an event or training opportunity that you would like to advertise send it in less than 200 words.

  • Policy/Practice review - Karen can review your current policy or help you develop policy and support putting it into practice

  • Referral/Signposting - If you support member of the public interested in volunteering then call or email the centre and speak to Karen, she will explain the next steps. This may mean making a guidance session (informal talk) appointment for the person you are supporting

  • Employee Volunteering - If you are a company that has a corporate social responsibility policy you may want to talk to us about supporting your staff to engage in volunteering

  • Campaigns and Strategic engagement - You can be kept informed of all events and information relevant to volunteer coordinators.

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Training and Support
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