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We support services

We all acknowledge that volunteering can benefit individuals in many ways:

  • Increased wellbeing and confidence

  • Increased chances to meet new people

  • Increased chances to build skills and knowledge

  • Increased chances to build employability skills

Support services such as health practitioners, DWP, probation service, schools they know or are supporting that may want to look at volunteering as a new option in their life. Family members can also be classed under support services.

Volunteer Centre Newcastle has NO formal referral system.

If you are a family member simply ring or email us for more information or to book an appointment, you are welcome to come along for moral support. This will be confidential and in a private room.

If you are a support service then the person you are supporting must want to find out about volunteering OF THEIR OWN FREE CHOICE.

We will not support any work programme, sanction based scheme, nor can we provide information on work placements or work experience- although unpaid these activities are NOT volunteering.

So if the person you are supporting wants to find out more about volunteering then there are 3 easy steps:

1. If they want to look at opportunities before contacting us then please check out our "volunteer role" page here

2. If the person wants to have a chat about the options open to them then simply book an appointment where Karen will outline any roles that meet their criteria.
If the person wants you to accompany them then that is fine.

3. If after the appointment the person needs support to contact the organisation then you as the referral agency will have to be responsible for that as Volunteer Centre Newcastle unfortunately does not have the capacity.

Things to consider:

Being Volunteer ready

This means being able to participate in the role you choose.


What Organisations will expect:

  • Completing an enquiry form

  • Providing 2 referees

  • If applying for a support role you may be required to complete a DBS (Disclosure Barring Service, used to be called the CRB)

  • The organisation pays for this and having a criminal record will not automatically stop you volunteering but it will have to be discussed

Relevant to the role applying for volunteers are asked to be:

  • Reliable and punctual

  • Honest about support, say when things aren't right

  • Motivated and enthusiastic

  • Able to follow the organisation's policies.

Karen will answer all your questions on the process 07419988821 or

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