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Do you involve volunteers?

Volunteer Centre Newcastle is here to support and encourage groups and organisations in recruiting, managing and developing volunteering across the city.

Our services are FREE and based on common values of volunteering found in the Newcastle Compact.

The registration process can be completed in 3 easy steps:

Download the Organisation Registration Form and complete it then please send it to us as an e-mail attachment

Karen will contact you to discuss your registration

We can then identify which service(s) you may want support with.

These services are part of the core functions of a volunteer centre and you can access according to need:

Brokerage - We are the local contact between the public and our members, we provide a matching signposting service beneficial to all parties.

Good practice development - local activity to improve volunteer management, training, policy review and development , skill sharing and coordinator mentoring.

Developing volunteering opportunities - discuss, design and develop your volunteer recruitment and utilize our extensive network.

Voice of volunteering - keeping you in the loop about local and/or national campaigns/issues.

Strategic development of volunteering - we listen, respond and represent on strategic boards and partnerships such as the Voluntary Sector Liaison Group, the council development group and with partners such as the DWP and the education providers in the city.

Why involve volunteers?
Newcastle Passport Scheme
Training and Support
Managing volunteers
Coordinators Network
Other useful contacts