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What can I do?

We have hundreds of volunteering opportunities across Newcastle and Tyne and Wear.

We can help you to identify the role that suits you.

You can search roles we advertise on behalf of local groups and charities.
We upload these local volunteering opportunities on behalf of local groups, social enterprises, charities and volunteer led groups.

Our new volunteering platform will help you to search for, find, and register your interest in a volunteering opportunity. Click here to find out what's out there for you.

You can book an appointment to chat
We have staff with extensive knowledge of volunteering and the roles available. This is not an interview but a chat through your options.
Staff will help identify a role based on your interests, skills or experience. They will talk you through the organisation's recruitment process.

The next step will be you taking the decision to apply. Call Karen 07419988821 or email
Chats are confidential, just book!

Other ways to get information

  • Follow us on facebook

  • Sign up for our monthly newsletter, a snapshot of volunteering.

Volunteering can benefit everyone. You may be able to improve the quality of your life by reaching out, connecting, getting involved and building your skills, experience and employability skills.

Don't forget the benefit you offer the organisation, supporting them in delivering services that directly impact on the life of those they support and the community you live in.

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