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What we do

We promote, support and develop volunteering across Newcastle Upon Tyne.



  • We maintain a database of volunteer roles accessible to the public

  • We coordinate and celebrate volunteering events open to the public

  • We gather snapshots of volunteering and send these as a monthly newsletter

  • We maintain social media platforms to engage the public and connect with communities

  • We identify and research community organisations and encourage them to engage and register with the service


  • We provide a service aimed at the needs of the individuals, offering expert advice on identifying roles or pathways to volunteering

  • We offer policy review and mentoring support to volunteer coordinators

  • We facilitate network meetings to develop new practice

  • We engage with communities to make volunteering more accessible and to have an impact on the person and community


  • We support individuals to develop their skills via volunteering

  • We support organisations in developing strong volunteering programs based on good practice and agreed values

  • We engage with strategic development of volunteering and champion volunteering at all levels

  • We engage with partners to look at models of volunteering and programs to impact volunteers and the public

  • We engage corporate partners to enable staff to access their corporate social responsibility and volunteer

We promote volunteering in Newcastle and work closely with the City Council and Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service to develop volunteer management and infrastructure support.

As part of the governance of a volunteer centre we hold the VCQA (Volunteer Centre Quality Assurance), a national kite mark that ensures we deliver the five core functions of a volunteer centre as accredited by NCVO.

We encourage and develop good practice in volunteer involvement, so that volunteering is open to everyone and is positive and beneficial for all involved.

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