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Recruiting volunteers

We support groups and organisations to develop high-quality volunteering experiences for volunteers. So it doesn’t matter if you are a new coordinator or an old hand the service supports YOU.

We do not undertake a policing role, but we are here to support organisations to develop best practice in the management of volunteers.

Fisrt steps

1 – Be ready!
Sounds simple but make sure you are ready, safe and know what volunteering means to your organisation. Have a volunteer policy, plan your recruitment and know your legal responsibilities! The Volunteer Centre can help you review and support you with policy and improving practice advice.

2. Be Steady!
Identify your roles, use our template form – it helps answer all the vital questions about who what were and when. Send us the form – we will review – make any suggestions then add it to our database, newsletters distribute to other city based brokers on your behalf to boost recruitment chances

Once you have recruited to your role then it’s up to you to follow all your recruitment processes to ensure the best match possible.

As the coordinator you are responsible for the support and management of the volunteer; we can help you with knowledge and skills but the rest is in your hands.

We all know the benefits an organisation gains from volunteer support. Involving volunteers:

  • can help you reflect and build a bridge between you and the community you serve

  • can help you engage with hard to reach people

  • can bring diversity which can enrich your organisation or group

  • can bring a range of qualities, skills and expertise that you may not get from the paid staff in a team e.g. languages, cultural understanding, specialist skills, personal experiences

  • Volunteers can demonstrate that you value your community, your members and their experiences, and that you want to invest in their future by training people to volunteer

So get it right from the start! Karen is here to help identity, write supporting advertisements and signpost individuals to your roles.


Volunteer Centre Newcastle supports local companies' staff engage in “employee volunteering.” As an organisation if you want to recruit teams of staff for one off activities then email your proposal to Karen:

In 200 words max your proposal should state:

  • Your organisation name and aim

  • Title and timeline e.g. “allotment makeover in March”

  • Task breakdown

  • Number of staff you need

  • Contact person for the activity

We will then act as go between and try and find you a team – once found the rest is up to you!

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