Employee Volunteering requests normally fall into two categories.

Group Activities

These projects can range from decorating, gardening, make-overs and events which when completed would make a big difference to the VCSE groups we support.

Volunteer Centre Newcastle tries where possible to connect corporate to community but at times due to corporate demand the community may not have an activity to undertake.

If you require further information, or you are looking for support around Employee Volunteering, contact us here.

The information we need

  • How many Employees are looking to get involved?
  • When do you want to complete the activity?
  • Do you have any staff that require reasonable adjustments, for example due to disability?

“Skills-based” volunteering

This is when an employee wants to volunteer as an individual, to use their own skills and experience to help an organisation or group.  For example, a member of staff from HR may support a board with an HR policy.

If you are an employee looking for more information on skill-based volunteering, please contact us.

The information we normally need, to begin the matching process, includes:

  • A short paragraph explaining what skill you want to share and the tasks you would be happy to complete;
  • When you would be available. For skill sharing this can be using your allotted time in blocks rather than a whole day. It will be your choice;
  • If you have a specific charitable cause you would like to support.

A fantastic way to get involved if you are a business is through Sector Connector:

Sector Connector

Sector Connector Newcastle is run by Connected Voice and provides opportunities for businesses, operating in Newcastle, to support their communities.  Local businesses and charities, voluntary and community groups are linked up to form a partnership of skills-based volunteering.

Sector Connector provides an opportunity for businesses, operating in Newcastle, to realise their Corporate Social Responsibility goals. There are many ways for businesses to get involved, from employee volunteering in specific fields including IT, Human Resources (such as advice on staff management), Social Media, Health and Safety, Marketing, Digital Tech use, Website creation, editing and upkeep, Volunteer Wellbeing such as stress reduction and emotional support, as well as general support in areas such as Time Management.

Connections can be achieved by in-person or remote volunteering directly with a charity or community group or, maybe, running a workshop that numerous groups could attend.  Alternatively, you may have a resource you could share, a meeting room, for example.

If you are business or VCSE operating in Newcastle and would like to find out how Sector Connector might work for you please get in touch with Jenny Forester (Sector Connector Coordinator): Jenny.Forrester@connectedvoice.org.uk

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