Volunteering Matters aims to give an excellent service to its volunteers, project users, funders, and wider stakeholders. We try to make our services better by listening to feedback about our work and taking action.

  • Volunteering Matters believes you have the right to give feedback
  • We try to get things right first time, but sometimes this does not happen
  • We try to give straightforward feedback
  • We will ensure an independent person investigates the complaint
  • We will explain what we have done and apologise if we have got things wrong
  • We learn from feedback and uses it to improve what we do
  • Volunteering Matters asks you to tell us if something has gone well so we can keep doing it
  • You can give us feedback by letter, e-mail, by telephone or in person (by arranging a meeting).

If you want to discuss a complaint about the service, you have received from Volunteer Centre Newcastle and have not been able to resolve it directly with the Centre Manager, then contact Emma Thomas-Hancock (Director of Volunteering Delivery):

020 3780 5945


How will we respond to your feedback?

  1. We will try to reply within 5 working days. If we need to look into things more, we will tell you when you get a full reply.
  2. You will normally get a full reply within 20 working days of getting your feedback.
  3. If you think that any complaint has not been dealt with properly, we will tell you who to contact. This will normally be a Senior Manager or someone who can deal with your complaint
  4. If you are still not happy, you can ask for your comments to be sent to the Chief Executive
  5. You will receive a final response from the Chief Executive or someone designated by them.
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