Volunteer Centre Newcastle is delivered by Volunteering Matters.

Volunteering Matters believe that everyone in the UK should have the opportunity to thrive.  So we bring people together to overcome some of society’s most complex issues through the power of volunteering.

We partner with communities to overcome adversity, tackling social isolation and loneliness, improving health, developing skills and opportunity and making sure young people can lead change.

And because we’re a national charity, we do this at scale, sharing our expertise and building partnerships to make an even bigger impact.

In all that we do, we follow our 5 core organisational values.  These are:

We are Empowering

We support our team and our communities to make change happen by sharing skills, knowledge, and time. We listen, trust, cooperate, collaborate, and build self-confidence and accountability to make positive change.

We are Inclusive

We actively remove barriers to providing equality of opportunities for everyone. We bring people together, creating new relationships and new opportunities. We work together with a shared purpose to make the biggest impact possible.

We are Compassionate

We put people at the heart of everything we do. We listen, care, give time, show empathy and appreciate and value our team and our communities.

We are Positive

We recognise and embrace the potential in our team, our communities, a situation, or a new idea. We like to be curious about things. We spot new ideas and solutions and have fun along the way.

We are Straightforward

We are openminded, honest, and accountable. We have a flexible, uncomplicated approach in our communication style and the way we do things.

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